DAN or the Divers Alert Network is an international non-profit organization that increases knowledge about the health and safety of divers through research. By DAN, regular research is conducted on diving medicine and published. As you will learn from the Rescue Diver and further training, it is wise to warn DAN in a diving accident as they have the special expertise to provide assistance and assist other doctors with advice and action. DAN has different telephone numbers. It is important to put these in your phone! You can become a member of this organization and possibly take out diving insurance.

DAN Europe was established in 1983 to provide expert information and advice for the benefit of its members and the diving public. DAN Europe:

  •  Provides emergency medical advice and assistance with underwater diving injuries and works to prevent injuries and promote diving safety
  •  Promote and support underwater dive research and education
  •  Seeks to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and non-biased information on matters of general interest to the diving public

DAN operates through an international network of diving emergency numbers, manned by specially trained emergency and medical dispatchers and assisted by a network of dive-hyperbaric specialists. Diving accident treatment and criteria for data collection are standardized. A list of more than 500 hyperbaric centers and dive-hyperbaric medical specialists is regularly monitored and kept up to date by International DAN organizations worldwide.

If the DAN Europe Hotline receives an emergency call, this is what happens:

  • The national emergency center is called (if there is one), if one is in his own country; the case is handled locally from the national exchange, in accordance with the standard DAN Europe protocols
  •  The central European exchange is called when one is abroad
  •  A diver who calls from abroad is, if possible, contacted by a conference call with a DAN specialist with the same nationality / language as the victim, so that the case can be evaluated and interpreted without language problems, making the victim comfortable by talking with a doctor of his own country / language.
  • In these cases, if the accident occurred in an area where there is a National DAN Center, this is made responsible for dealing with the emergency in collaboration with the DAN Europe Hotline and the national center of the victim.

In cases where an accident occurs in an area without a national DAN Center, the intervention is led directly by the DAN Europe Hotline. In order to be constantly assured of adequate assistance, especially in isolated and remote parts of the world, DAN forms a team with various international emergency medical services and rescue groups to provide its members in all circumstances with adequate assistance, the necessary medical-hyperbaric treatment and possible repatriation for medical emergencies.