Introduction dive

You've always wanted to do it once ... ..Diving!

How is that now, breathing under water? Exciting or challenging? Grab your chance now and make an introductory dive in the pool. Every 1st Tuesday of the month you can do an introductory dive at Lutra.
In consultation there is also the possibility to do an introductory dive on Friday evening.

We do not just jump into the swimming pool, but first you get a clear explanation of what diving is exactly. How about that pressure on your ears and what can I do about it, how do I indicate that I find it exciting, in short: in a nutshell, the diving sport comes over so you get a good impression of a number of facets of this fascinating hobby. We also do not forget the association and of course you get an explanation about the equipment to be used.

Under the guidance of an instructor and one or more divemasters, you will receive the necessary items and hung them up like a mask, fins, bib, bottle and vending machine. Lutra has all the stuff for you that night and you do not have to bring anything except swimwear.

And then we really go into the water! First carefully breathe out of the vending machine, all succeed, then to two meters depth. A swim around and if everything goes well we can continue to four meters where we have some fun games to do under water. You will see that time flies!

The costs for an introductory dive are € 15. This amount is deducted from the training costs, if you decide to follow the Open Water Diver training at Lutra.

For registration and further information you can send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

An impression of the swimming pool part of an introduction dive can be seen in the video below